TBRC - Book 2 - Hard Cover Front

Book 2

Cullen Aven is sworn into service.  After betraying his father’s trust, he discovers what nearly two hundred years of the Oath had lost.  Now beholden to Sharael Maldeen of the White Circle, she tasks him to escort her back to the Island of Silandria.  Reluctantly Cullen agrees, and she insists he become the bearer of the legendary sword known as the Black Razor; the true focus of his Oath.  

Wounded by a werewolf on the first leg of their journey, Cullen seeks answers to the many questions that have arisen in the city of Larose. 

As he struggles with his beliefs and duty, the very people sworn in service question his character and skill.  Forced to assert his authority, all becomes twisted and blurred as he confronts the growing werewolf threat under the spell of the silver moon. 

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