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The Contract

The Black Razor has had many forms and names, changing with the bearer.  In his era, Corbin, the god of War, sought a talisman, and the Razor so became the sleek smooth weapon of legend and name. 

Corbin's daughter, distraught with the plight of mortal man and her lack of strength to intervene, gave her soul unto the Razor.  Now with a vessel to the Garden and a means to raise a king, she flung herself unto the Garden to wait for the first petitioner.

Her actions, unsanctioned by the god, caused Corbin anger and fear, for his own daughter was in the hands of man.  Thus, to extend her his protection, he bestowed further traits upon the Razor and in so doing created the “Contract”. 

He who petitions the Black Razor is offered contract; that being, he who shows his worth in combat shall bear the blade.

Victory may only be sought through physical skill, for magic cast against the Razor shall be turned about at the blade's behest. 

A successful petition is granted in many forms.  Vision in battle from the eye of an eagle, whispered commands and insight, featherweight that strikes as forty stone. 

Deception shall not acquire the Razor, for such shall bear the rejection of their petition.  Thus the Razor will draw like a hundred stone and remain so until a worthy petitioner presents.

To bear the blade is to weigh your worth, have you the making of a king, or do you seek only selfish gain?  Will the Razor be a featherweight, or iron bar?  Will you be granted the vision, or only that which fulfills the contract?

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