BOOK 6 - Outlined


If you have not read the previous novels, this synopsis may reveal things best left hidden.

Harried nightly, Cullen, Krista, DagGar, Tom and Kate held off Lycankind.  After numerous attacks and the loss of a long time supporter Terrance Farside, Cullen begins to listen to a plan to rid them of Karakus.  

Protected by a glyph, Cullen knows he is a free spirit, but fears his sole is still within Karakus' grasp.  He begins to listen to a plan presented by Tonana Silvermoon to defeat Karakus Alkane forever.  

Armed with two Black Razors, each from a different stream of time, the Aven's depart their homestead in search of the abandoned Garan Base where they plan to hold up against ensuing lycantrhope.  

With Karakus' threat growing, word reaches on the road of a growing werewolf plague in Larose.  © Mike Carmel 2013