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Book 1

The world is changing: traveling towards a certain doom. So the White Circle has foreseen. 

For six hundred years the Circle has toiled to prevent it; toiled to construct the tools of redemption and wove them into earth and man… but they are failing.

Cullen Aven is Oath Sworn and beholden to the White Circle.  For nearly two hundred years the Avens have stood guard on their family's land; protecting that which they do not understand or question.

Cullen, son of Thomson, the youngest living Aven sworn in service, lives a life of discontentedness.  With a lack of understanding in his duties, and the impatience of youth, Cullen breaks his father’s trust to discover what two hundred years of the Oath had lost. 

Time is of the essence, with the weight of his duties resting heavy on his shoulders, Cullen is joined by Sharael Maldeen of the White Circle and Dagarth Garflin, a mischievous cat creature, as he embarks on a journey to correct that which he has set into motion.

Swept through time, Cullen draws demonic attentions that plunge him into the struggle for his life and soul as he endeavors to complete a task one hundred and eighty-nine years in the making.


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