Mike's Head Shot

Michael J. Carmel was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  He grew up in Sherwood Park, a community a few kilometers outside of Edmonton, which had the distction as being the Worlds Largest Hamlet.  

In 1988, Michael began work in the Computer Industry which proved to be a carear, and remains so at the time of this writing.  

In 1992, Michael moved from Edmonton to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  After a brief stint as a CAD operator, he continued his work in the computer industry.  In 1993, he was married, and in 2000 his daughter was born.

After a long stint with a local I.T. Company, Michael became an I.T. Contractor.  In 2013, Michael still lives in the house he purchased in 1998, and continues to develope the Black Razor Chronicles.

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